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Once your session is completed, you will be given a packet of information at check out. This information is very important and you should read thru it. The "What's Next" flyer is something you really need to read and have with you when viewing your images. That way you can "jot" down the image numbers of your favorites.

Remember, your Yearbook choice needs to be made within 12 days - or we'll make it for you.

There are "early order" incentives that you will miss out on if you wait to place your portrait order.

When you get to your images, you can click on them to view a larger version on each image. Also, make sure your monitor isn't set to a low brightness / contrast. If it is, it may make all the images look dark.

And finally, keep in mind that your monitor is NOT color balanced to ours and therefore, colors may be off - don't worry - we are professionals, and this is our area of expertise. We've made sure that each images is correct and final color "adjustments" and balancing will be done on the images when ordered.

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